INVESTIGATE: Ellen White's Plagiarism

Topic: Plagiarism

pla-gia-rize: to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own : use (a created production) without crediting the source : to commit literary theft: present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.
(Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary)

Bible Test #3 - Cannot steal their writings from others:
"Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the LORD, that steal my words every one from his neighbour." Jer. 23:30

The articles below will present the following evidence:

  1. She copied extensively from others while denying she did so
  2. All the major thoughts and ideas in her writings were derived from others
  3. She copied both truths and falsehoods into her writings

In Ellen White's own words: "Although I am dependent upon the Spirit of the Lord in writing my views as I am in receiving them, yet the words I employ in describing what I have seen are my own." (Review and Herald, Oct. 8, 1867)


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