INVESTIGATE: Is the Great Controversy really God's final message for the world?

Investigation by subject/chapter

SDA Professor Exposes Glaring Historical Errors - Great Controversy chapters 3, 15, 25, and 35 investigated

Did the Waldenses keep the Sabbath? - Great Controversy chapter 4 investigated

The Albigensians - Great Controversy chapters 6, 15 investigated

The Interdicts of 1411 and 1412 - Great Controversy chapter 6 ("Huss and Jerome") investigated

History or Her Story? Ellen White's Visions of Martin Luther - Great Controversy chapter 7 ("Luther's Separation from Rome") investigated

Luther an Example to Emulate? - Great Controversy chapter 7 ("Luther's Separation from Rome") investigated

The Diet of Speyer, 1529 - Great Controversy chapter 11 ("Protest of the Princes") investigated

The 3.5 years of the French Revolution - Great Controversy chapter 15 ("The Bible and the French Revolution") investigated

Signs of the End: The 1755 Earthquake, the 1780 Dark Day, the 1833 Meteor Shower - Great Controversy chapter 17 ("Heralds of the Morning") investigated

Was Ellen White right about Josiah Litch's predictions? - Great Controversy chapter 22 ("Prophecies Fulfilled") investigated

Rappings and Spiritualism - Great Controversy chapter 34 ("Spiritualism") investigated

The Millennium - Great Controversy chapters 40-42 investigated

Ideas and words copied from others

What is the REAL origin of the Great Controversy? - Compare H.L. Hastings's Great Controversy to Mrs. White's Great Controversy

Great Controversy Plagiarism - An in-depth chapter-by-chapter study of the plagiarism in the Great Controversy by Walter Rea. 125-page online book details many of the sources she used.

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Category: Bible vs. Ellen White
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